What is MYHEC?

The Michigan Youth Hunter Education Challenge is a youth program of the National Rifle Association of America and is recognized as the most comprehensive youth hunting program anywhere in North America.

It is an outdoor skills and safety training program for young hunters and is open to those who have successfully completed hunter safety training at the state or provincial level. 

There are 8 events in which the youth compete; 4 shooting and 4 responsibility. The shooting events include: 3-D archery, .22 rifle, muzzleloader and shotgun. The responsibility events include: orienteering, safety trail, wildlife ID and hunter safety exam. While the two-day event is a competition, an emphasis is placed on teaching firearm safety and encouraging the participants to improve their outdoor skills.

Interested in Volunteering with MYHEC?

CASL is always looking for volunteer team leaders! Consider this opportunity to help develop our youth in Michigan's outdoor hunting skills!

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