March Madness Tournament

On the twelfth week of the Tuesday night league, we had our version of March Madness with a March Madness Tournament in the same style as the basketball tournament going on right now with archers being seated in the brackets based on how they finished the regular season. The tournament consisted of one game single elimination shoot. To win the entire thing, an archer need to win four games. We were not surprised in that our top archers for the league rose to the top of the tournament. There was a bit of excitement in that the finalist for the championship tied on their round. We went to a single round shoot-off, both arrows were equidistant from the middle of the target requiring a second arrow shoot-off. Juliet's arrow was a 1/4 inch closer to the middle than John's.

Pictured: on the left - Chris Stiff who took third place; Juliet Sherrick who won in a shoot-off and John Potter who took 2nd place.

2019 Tuesday Night League March Madness Tournament Champions.jpg
Chris HilbrechtArchery