Outdoor Archery 3D Course Info

CASL 3-D Course is open to club members and their guests 7 days a week-when open. The 3-D range will be reset in mid-March.

3-D Course Fees:

  • Key Member: $5.00

  • Member $6.00

  • Non-Member Guests: $10.00

Score cards will be in the mail box on the pavilion, there will be a mail box by the cash box for used score cards. Please put "League" by your name when you sign in.

Stake Max Ranges

The stakes have been ranged for the course, you are allowed to shoot longer. There will be a sheet explaining this years max ranges. the typical ranges have been:

  • WHITE: 25 yards

  • YELLOW: 30 yards

  • ORANGE: 35 yards

  • RED: 40 yards

  • GREEN: 45 yards

  • BLUE: 50 yards

The 3D course we be taken down September -- TBA.     

The ring in the center of the heart is an "X". The offset ring in the heart scores 10, The ring in the lungs scores 8. Put the "X" score in the box scores 12

  • 5 Points for the body

  • 8 Points for the lungs

  • 10 Points for the heart

Contact the Archery Director: 

Jim Powell for more information.
Phone: 517-285-4805 | Email

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